<Continuously changing for a better future>
The environment surrounding our business is constantly changing. Therefore, we need to grow in accordance with the environment.
Metamorphose represents our determination to support change (Metamorphose) toward a better future for society.


Strategy, decision-making, and management are the key activities of a company.

Are you carrying out your daily operations without spending enough time on these activities?
How can we proceed as expected? Are you facing issues such as “How can we proceed as expected?

“I want to change (grow) without being bound by existing boundaries. In order to meet your needs, we offer three real values. 


Sincere response to requests


Respond flexibly without being bound by conventional patterns


Cost-effective and solid response



Metamorphose LLC




Kazuo(Mayumi) Yutani

Brief History


+81 3-4500-8528

◆Main Business

Consulting related to management strategy formulation, business improvement, and business process improvement (BPO)

System implementation, consulting and implementation support for solutions

Web marketing support, web content creation

Basic research on blockchain technology

Building a business with DAO